Study Tips on Pharmacy Course I



How to score in our study? Let us go through one by one of the subjects listed below.

This subject is the study of drugs on living tissues and how those drugs help in diagnosis, treat, cure, and prevent diseases; also some drugs can correct the patho-physiology of living tissues. There is also concern about the drug effects on treating upon diseases of central nervous system and renal system. Now it has rightfully become a staple in our educational systems even though it is not appreciated by many people until it is needed. All you need is just to memorize and should not be confused between therapeutic uses of every drug. Repetition 4 to 5 times is a key factor of memorization and avoid last minute cramming! So start to memorize them as soon as the class started okay 

Not as difficult as in semester 4, but still it is the hardest subject in this semester. We learn about types of viruses and bacteria, diseases caused by them, symptoms, mode of transmission, mechanism of diseases and how to treat them. The information provided is up-to-date to the surrounding environment as these diseases are revolving around us such as AIDS by HIV virus, chicken pox, influenza, common cold and dengue fever. You have to be careful to organize the facts that you want to memorize so that they are coded in your brain efficiently.

Well, I bet you will regret if you take this subject for granted because as for me, this can be considered as the strongest subject, although it looks very simple (yeah, just about carbohydrate, protein and fat and how the body metabolize them to produce energy) because we have lots of cycle and pathways to be memorized specifically. But do not worry; everything will always be easy if you not practice last minute study. One more thing is, do not ever miss the class because it is very difficult to understand all those pathways by your own!

Here we will learn about the functioning main ingredient of medicine in the market (specifically for plant origin) that responsible for the therapeutic activity of the medicine, their plant origin and how can we detect them by using chromatography. For example, the drug used to treat heart failure, will contain digoxin which is an alkaloid in nature and this alkaloid is extracted/taken from which plant? Very interesting also and the skills for making chromatography’s experiment are very important to get high marks in your practical, so do not ever try to miss the laboratory class.

Dosage form
It is all about the form of the drug which may be solid such as tablet or capsule, liquid as suspension and ointment and how to prepare them (in the practical session). Easy but beware, most of the killer exam question, their answer are not written in the book but only said by the doctor in class!

It is very interesting subject which focusing on diseases; morphology, etiology (causes), prognosis (fate of the disease) and treatment. It is a simple subject with simple exam question (twice simpler than in medical course) but of course, if you not memorize them perfectly and pay attention in class, you still cannot get full marks for this subject.

Pharmacy administration
More or less about how to open a small business, how to become a good manager and how to make our business successful. Seems not related to pharmacy courses but it shows the way and give an idea for our advance job in the future. So take this opportunity to prepare ourselves for the future.

So overall, these subjects is not that hard but also not that easy. Just depends on you yourselves. All the best. Pray to Allah for our success 

This article prepared by: Siti Khadijah Abd. Razak

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